Papaya Split Geo Bespoke Suitcase

Tribal Kaleidoscope Bespoke Suitcase

Tribal Kaleidoscope Bespoke Suitcase

Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Suitcase

Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Suitcase

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About Your Papaya Split Geo Bespoke Suitcase

Hand printed and finished, your Papaya Split Geo Bespoke Suitcase is an innovative, functional, and stylish essential. Your bespoke suitcase made and enjoy a more personal way to pack. Our designs are printed onto 100% poly, 8.26 oz canvas, and put under the Plexiglass front of this sturdy suitcase, in an HD, edge to edge finish. Stash it easily in the overhead compartment, so you don't even need to worry about the baggage claim. The soft-grip handle is adjustable, and this combined with the 360° swivel wheels makes it a true joy to use - and look at.

  • Designer Suitcase at a glance...

    ✅ Printed canvas under a hard shell

    ✅ 4 x 360° swivel wheels

    ✅ Ideal size for hand luggage

    ✅ Hand-printed to order

    ✅ Carry on luggage

    ✅ TSA locking system

    ✅ Light and compact

    ✅ Double zip opening

    Suitcase Size:

    📌 22.04" x 9.05" x 14.17"

    📌 Weighing 7.7 lbs

    Care Instructions

    Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with a mild soapy damp cloth.

    • Wipe Down
    • No Soak

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