#BlackAF Businesses and Brands You Should Know

By: LeShelle A. Smith
From: Minorityreporttvshow.com


Being Black is LIT and can't nobody tell me different. Being proud isn't equal to hate. Being proud means we recognize our interwoven common threads of shared experiences and our history of overcoming. Despite the oppression and aggression we face as people on a daily basis, still we rise.

However, being proud isn't enough. That pride needs to be expressed in action. These brands need your support not only so we can celebrate Black culture, but so they can continue to grow, create jobs, attract investors, close the racial wealth gap, while serving and uplifting communities. When we Buy Black, we help create an inclusive economy, unlike the economy we currently face. CBS News reported “Roughly 95% of Black-owned businesses, 91% of Latino-owned businesses, 91% of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander-owned businesses, and 75% of Asian-owned businesses stand close to no chance of receiving a PPP loan through a mainstream bank or credit union.”

We need our Black Owned Businesses and they need us! So if you are radically, unapologetically, black and proud, be #BlackAF and support these businesses that provide fashion and accessories that highlight the beauty of blackness.

Ancient Aura Jewelry

Fight the power! List your favorite #BLACKAF brands below.

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