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Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Footstool

Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Footstool

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About Your Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Footstool:

This is a favorite home furnishing that can be used in a variety of ways, however, the plump, sumptuous padding makes it ideal as a custom footstool. Enjoy our Lupine Tribal design printed all over the ChiChi Furnishing Velour cushioning, supported by the responsibly sourced beech wood legs and frame. This Lupine Tribal Boho Footstool's multi-functional quality means you can also use it as an additional seat, side table, or simply as a decorative accent to your lounge.

At a glance...

✅ Responsibly sourced wood

✅ Plump cushioning

✅ Fire-rated fabric

✅ Customize underneath

✅ 10-year guarantee


📌 Height from floor: approx. 14.96 in

📌 Cushion height (depth): 5.9 in

📌 Cushion size 19.69 in x 24.8 in

📌 Leg length: 9.05 in

How Your Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Footstools are Made:

Handmade to order by our carpentry and upholstery experts, your bespoke footstools are a fine example of genuine craftsmanship. The responsibly sourced wood is used to make the frame and tapered legs, providing a robust build that comes as part of the 10-year guarantee. The sumptuous padding, made from open-cell foam, poly wadding and cotton batting, is covered with our fire rated ChiChi Furnishing Velour fabric, that's soft and smooth with a slightly brushed surface. Our designs are printed onto this velour material using a specialist dye sublimation process that fuses the ink deep into the fibers. This creates a lasting print that won't peel away or rub off.

How to Care for Your Lupine Tribal Boho Bespoke Footstool:

Chi Chi Furnishing Velour is fire rated for best results, surface clean only with a damp cloth, and once dry, give it a brush to keep the fibers soft and smooth.

Filling materials(s) and covering fabric(s) meet the requirements for resistance to cigarette and match ignition in the 1988 fire safety regulations.

 Wipe DownNo Soak

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