Modern Afrocentric apparel, accessories, and home decor from Chocolate Ancestor | Chocolate Ancestor

Modern Afrocentric apparel, accessories, and home decor from Chocolate Ancestor

By: LeShelle A. Smith of Minority Report TV Show

Black Culture, the culmination of the historical Black Experience throughout the diaspora, continues to impact and influence society on a global scale. The gift of our experience is also a lifestyle and an integral part of our identity. We express our culture in how we greet one another, how we practice our faith, the way we wear our hair, and in our contributions to art, literature, music, sports, medicine, food and fashion.

Many have created brands reflective of our culture, marketing our pride to the masses. We see TV shows with black characters reciting scripts written by white writers. White record execs package and profit from black culture exhibited by artists. Others are on a mission to promote black culture with products for the conscious, the woke, and the unapologetic. Those others include Latoya Brown, owner of the lifestyle brand, Chocolate Ancestor.

In 2016, Latoya Brown stepped out on her own to add creative expression to the everyday lives of those people who believe in love and healing. Chocolate Ancestor, LLC became an online modern Afrocentric apparel, accessories, and home decor store catering to consumers in the black community. Since then, Chocolate Ancestor has provided beautifully crafted products and uses the products to educate, express, and enunciate the importance of humanity, community, and spirituality.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Ancestor, LLC

Social injustices and police brutality became a source of provocation for many. Black Lives Matter became a social movement. Kendrick Lamar's Alright became an anthem. Beyonce's XLVII Halftime Show paid homage to activists and icons.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Ancestor, LLC

Latoya used her outrage to inspire her as well. "I was instantly moved to create a business with meaning after attending a NAACP rally in Atlanta, following the heartbreaking deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The signs we created simply were not enough," Latoya explained. "I left the event full of ideas and hope to bring forth more unity and happiness our people. There was a light that was sparked in me that led to an undeniable flame of hope that Chocolate Ancestor illuminates."

Chocolate Ancestor sets itself apart by making self-expression easier. The clothing line, home decor, and accessories give customers a chance to endorse the Afrocentric beliefs fashionably every single day.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Ancestor, LLC

Chocolate Ancestor has something for everyone, with items that also make great gifts. Unisex tees, crop tops, mugs, caps and throw pillows all available for the entire family. Chocolate Ancestor customers have also shared their love for the brand, acting as ambassadors, posting pictures on social media and making them available for the website. The "Do it for the Culture" crop tops and shirts for adults and children are the site's #1 sellers as well as the Chocolate Butterfly Diva book bags.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Ancestor, LLC

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Visit Chocolate Ancestor at and connect with Latoya on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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