About Us- Chocolate Ancestor®

Noticing a distinct need for more positive messages in a very hostile climate, Chocolate Ancestor® was formed to add creative expression to the everyday lives of those people who believe in love and healing. The diverse line of clothes, accessories and home décor make expression much easier, giving people a chance to endorse the positive things they practice and believe in daily. There is something for everyone, and customers appreciate the originality that each piece holds.

Owner, Latoya Brown, was instantly moved to create a business with meaning after attending an NAACP rally, following the heartbreaking deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The signs created simply were not enough. She left the event full of ideas and hope to bring forth more unity and happiness to people of all backgrounds. The light that was sparked in her led to an undeniable flame of hope that Chocolate Ancestor® illuminates. “I feel that it is extremely important to have Black-owned businesses that have Black customers in mind. I want customers to feel proud of our products, whether they are wearing them or have them on display throughout their home," shared the passionate founder.


Who is Chocolate Ancestor?

Chocolate Ancestor® is a modern Afrocentric lifestyle brand offering unisex apparel, unique accessories, and home décor catered to consumers in the African diaspora.

Our Mission

Chocolate Ancestor® is all about creating products that have a message to share with the world, that promote love and peace, and that educate, express, and enunciate the importance of humanity, community, and spirituality.

From love for self to various political viewpoints, educational awareness, spiritual insight, love for others, advocating of humanity, and other global topics, our diverse selection of clothes, accessories, and home décor lets you express what you believe in.

Vision Statement

At Chocolate Ancestor® we envision to become the leading brand within our target industry that is selling high-quality products and perfectly crafted items that promote humanity, community, and self-awareness.