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Must Have Apparels for Your Wardrobe This Spring/Summer

Spring is here! And with summer following right after, there couldn’t be a better time to prepare your wardrobe for the warm seasons. 

Spring/summer 2020 is the time to whip out those crop tops and show off your awesome figure. It’s also the time to step out, soak up some sun, and make picture-perfect memories. So, to create a perfect and trendy wardrobe, here are some apparels you shouldn’t start the season without!

  • Cute Black Crop Tops

During the recent New York Fashion Week, the spring/summer runways were filled with models dressed in crop tops. This means your wardrobe cannot be complete without these cute and super comfy items. For the warm seasons, the Soulquarian Women’s Crop Top is a must-have. With its black theme and unique red write-up, it’s an apparel that can match perfectly with any bottoms of your choice this spring/summer.

  • Stylish Bikinis

Are you a lover of Egyptian hieroglyphics? Or do you just love unique prints? Well, this Egyptian Hieroglyphics bikini is one unique bikini that’ll make you stand out in any crowd! Its design and patterns makes it the perfect swimwear for your tropical vacations, pool parties, and beach hangouts.

Chocolate Ancestor, LLC- Egyptian Hieroglyphics Bikini

  • Tank Tops

Is it really summer without tank tops? Our Unapologetically Black Tank Top is a unisex apparel that can be styled in a variety of ways. You can wear it with shorts, denims, skirts, blazers, or even dungarees. You can also wear it with any footwear of your choice! This versatility makes our Unisex Tank Top the perfect spring/summer apparel.

  • Trendy Fanny Packs

Fanny packs aren’t just one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment but are also very comfortable bags. The Electric Geometric Fanny Pack comes with a nice blend of bright colors that can enhance your outfit beautifully. So for spring hangouts or summer get-togethers, this fanny pack is one you’re sure to enjoy.

 Chocolate Ancestor, LLC-Electric Geometric Fanny Pack

  • Snapback Hats

Snapback hats are spring/summer staples as they protect your face from the sun. They can also very stylish items when you go for catchy designs like that of our I Am My Brother's Keeper Snapback Hat. The I Am My Brother's Keeper Snapback Hat has a nice, subtle combination of red and blue that looks great on both guys and girls. And if you have a preference for camouflage prints, the King Snapback is one you’re sure to love. Other trendy hats for spring/summer are the Vintage Cotton Twill Cap and the Unapologetically Black RBG Wool Snapback Hat!

Chocolate Ancestor, LLC- I am my brother's keeper snapback hat

  • Catchy White Crop Tops

White crop tops with symbols are simple yet stylish apparels for the spring/summer months. Our Ram Horn Symbol Crop Top is one that doesn’t just give you that fun, feminine look but also symbolizes the strength of a woman. So if you want apparel that represents something, this crop top is one you should be upgrading your wardrobe with!


  • Stylish Backpacks 

For the summer/spring months, this Psychedelic Vibez Backpack and the Electric Geometric Backpack are great accessories for your laptop, phones, headsets, purses, and any other personal belonging you move around with. When paired with really nice sneakers, they can enhance your entire look!

Chocolate Ancestor, LLC-Psychedelic Vibez Backbag

Bottom Line

With this list of summer/spring apparels, you can be all set to take on the warm months. So how about you visit our store and start shopping!

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