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Pan African RBG Flag Waterproof Passport Holder

Pan African RBG Flag Waterproof Passport Holder

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Elevate your travel essentials with the Chocolate Ancestor® Pan African RBG Flag Waterproof Passport Holder. This stylish accessory is more than a practical travel tool—it's a symbol of heritage and pride. Crafted from superior microfiber leather, it combines durability with a lightweight design, making it ideal for the global traveler.

  • Premium Microfiber Leather: Constructed from high-quality microfiber leather, this passport holder is both durable and lightweight, designed to endure the rigors of travel.
  • Optimal Dimensions: With an open length of 9.13" and a folded length of 4.5", complemented by a height of 5.77", this holder fits passports along with other travel documents.
  • Functional Compartments: It features multiple slots for business cards, credit cards, and boarding passes, ensuring that all your essential items are organized and easily accessible.
  • SIM Card Slots: Tailored for international travelers, the holder includes dedicated SIM card slots to store and access SIM cards effortlessly, a crucial feature for staying connected abroad.
  • Cultural Design: Adorned with the vibrant colors of the Pan African RBG flag—red, black, and green—each color symbolizes the blood, people, and natural wealth of Africa and its diaspora.
  • Historical Insight: The Pan African RBG flag was introduced by the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1920, led by Marcus Garvey. It serves as a powerful emblem of unity and liberation, widely recognized and respected among African communities worldwide.
  • Production Time: Ready to ship within 3-4 days.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the Chocolate Ancestor® Pan African RBG Flag Waterproof Passport Holder is your ultimate companion, ensuring you carry a piece of history and culture with you wherever you go.

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