Pop Starburst Diva Lunch Bag

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Carry around your snack or lunch with ease by stuffing it in one of our unique Chocolate Ancestor designed Pop Starburst Diva lunch bags. The neoprene expands to fit an assortment of containers and keeps the food insulated to maintain its temperature. 

This lunch bag is food-safe, 100% non-toxic, damp proof, abrasive resistant, and anti-corroding, which provides you a long-lasting use. Besides, it’s designed with an inner pocket for putting keys, phone, or your purse.

These reusable bags provide an attractive and lightweight solution to many storage needs. It’s a fashionable way to carry meals, beverages, drinks for women, men and kids.


  • Type: Neoprene, Waterproof
  • Small: 6.49 Oz. Large:12.20 Oz 
  • Made of fine neoprene material, it is insulating and strong by nature.
  • Can be used with warm and cold food, the fabric keeps food hot/cold.
  • Soft-grip handles and zipper closure make it easy to carry, your food is stored securely.
  • Dimension: Small: App 11.93"(L) x 11.22"(H) x 6.69"(W), Large: App 6.69"(L) x 14.21"(H) x 15.04"(W).
  • Stain-resistant neoprene, eco-friendly, and easy to clean.
  • Rinse clean or machine wash and air dry.

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